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Flangeguards Flexible Thermal Insulation Covers

Our thermal insulation covers & jackets are a low cost solution to reduce energy costs and improve safety. Asbestos-free and resistant to harsh environments, the tailored, wrap-around design and quick-release fasteners make them easy to fit and remove – and offer a long-term solution.

Thermal Cover Types

We manufacture a comprehensive range of covers and jacketing products for a variety of applications. These include standard grey glass fibre matts with 25mm or 50mm infill, High temperature jacketing, trace-heated, all available in different colours to match the pipeline cladding.

Standard Insulation Guard

Comprises glass fabric outer & inner, with central 50mm or 25mm Mineral Fibre Insulation. Our clever yet simple Velcro and draw-cord design allows easy install & removal. Individual line item codes and tag numbers can be added.

Standard colours include

Grey Black White Silver

Other colours available, please call us for more information.

Non Standard Insulation Guard

Many variations are available, according to specific customer requirements. These include:-

  • Internal insulation material & thickness
  • Fabric outer & inner material
  • Attachment type (Velcro, D-clip, pull-cord type)
  • Colour

Any variations required for customer specific applications, are available.

Flex-hose Heat Protector

High temperature thermal oil flex-hoses pose a considerable safety risk for site personnel, given the incredibly hot surface temperature.

Our specially formulated Heat Protector is supplied as a sleeve, either in set lengths & diameters or tailored to specific customer requirements.

Thermal Product Gallery

Please see a small selection of thermal insulation covers that we are able to supply;

Surveying, measuring, fitting & delivery

We can either work from client measurements or perform our own survey on site.

Additionally, we offer a full installation service.

Whilst we work throughout the whole of the UK and have completed many international projects, we are located 30 minutes from central London. As a result, our surveying/fitting services are unrivalled.

With our dedicated van, we can and very often do, deliver orders ourselves if urgency requires it.

Shapes, Sizes & Styles

In addition to standard pipe joints such as flanges, blank ends, valves, y-strainers, dirt filters, we make covers for a variety of non-standard shapes and sizes.

These include vessels, pipe sections or indeed any application where a tailored approach is required.

For more infomration please contact us.