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Welcome to FLANGEGUARDS, manufacturer of flexible thermal insulation covers

Energy efficiency is demanded in all industries and as a result, the requirement for effective thermal insulation has never been more important.

Flexible insulation covers are becoming the industry standard, to effectively insulate a range of pipe joints and connections such as flanges, valves, Y-strainers.

Further, by their nature, these covers can also be tailored to exactly fit a wide range of non-standard items including whole pipe sections, pressure vessels, heat exchanges and many other commercial products.

Why choose our Thermal Insulation products?

At Flangeguards, we apply our professional, quality-driven approach for all thermal products. As a result, we manufacture flexible insulation covers to the highest standard, at highly competitive prices and on quick delivery turnaround.

Furthermore we provide full survey & fitting services by qualified staff.

We hope you will find this website informative and look forward to working with you, if you have any questions about our products please contact us.

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